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Emerge Collection

Every woman needs to find her own inner beauty. This comes with time and age. Every beetle or butterfly needs to emerge from their pupa, their metamorphosis is miraculous. To emerge from a young girl into a strong woman is just as phenomenal. My emerge sculptures are about transforming, finding confidence and your own inner beauty in time.

Flow Collection


Petra believes that life is precious and fun. Unfortunately, we sometimes overthink and get overloaded with too many incentives and impressions.  If you only allow yourself to think positively, you’ll be saving yourself from hurt and negativity. 

So stop overthinking  and overanalyzing, just go with the flow.

The Flow Collection is not only irresistibly beautiful, but also a reminder to enjoy life.  Petra designed the flow collection for anyone watching or experiencing one of these sculptures to feel less overwhelmed and to get more in a positive flow. 

Femininity Collection

Petra designed this collection around three strong women who fought for women rights in the past three centuries. They expressed femininity with their words, with their thoughts, with their actions and through their art. Without them (and many more strong women), this world would be a different place.

To embrace strength and femininity, you don't have to think in big sculptures that show excessive nudity. Petra believes femininity is not about what you wear, what you say or what you do. It's about who you are and how you feel in your own skin. 
Petra designed small sculptures as a solo or a trilogy piece. Every sculpture oozes a powerful story of femininity. To complement your own art collection, you can choose a piece in black, white, messing. Some are even decorated woth with details in 24carat gold. Every piece is a lush and Devine object in every designer's home. 

Secret Collection

All women have their own secrets:  it is a hidden accent, a gesture, a silence. You need to listen and observe to find the hidden secrets that lie within every woman.

In this collection, Petra wants you to become the observer. Maybe you can unlock some secrets yourself. View these detailed sculptures in person or become an art owner of one of these mysterious and guarded women.

Boxed Collection

Sometimes you want a grand statement in your designer home. That's why Petra designed this Boxed Collection that will complement any wall in any room.

Petra created these grand sculptures with extra care. They arose by placing them meticulously in handmade 3D frames. 
Sometimes naughty, but most of all mesmerizing, magnetic and irresistible to view from all angles. Every piece is colored with a very dark pigment and finished with 24carat gold. These 3D wall pieces are made to take your breath away.

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Burgemeester Le Coultrestraat 3
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Tel: 0172 - 74 89 28

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