Every woman needs to find her own inner beauty. This comes with time and age. Every beetle or butterfly needs to emerge from their pupa, their metamorphosis is miraculous. To emerge from a young girl into a strong woman is just as phenomenal. My emerge sculptures are about transforming, finding confidence and your own inner beauty in time.

Golden Glow

Step up and Glow, the world needs your magic. Spiritual and strong women glow, and in doing so they show the world they are brimming with self-love and self-acceptance. My Golden Glow series is about finding your own glow, your moment to let everybody know the universe is yours.


Dedication to yourself, life and each other. Obstacles can be distracting, people can be judgemental, but you know what you want. You are committed to your own sensual life journey. My devoted series is about feeling strong, confident and sensual with your own body.


Everyone has a story, would you like to tell me yours? I would be delighted and honoured to tell your story on request. Sometimes a story already kicks off while your heart is still processing the experience; sometimes the sculpture is exactly what completes your story. Whatever your reason may be, please feel free to visit my office (or should I say dusty workshop) and let us capture your story together in a beautiful, elegant and timeless sculpture.

Burgemeester Le Coultrestraat 3  •  2411 EP  •  Bodegraven-Reeuwijk
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Burgemeester Le Coultrestraat 3
2411 EP
Tel: 0172 - 74 89 28

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