Lifelike sculptures that touch your soul

From her studio in Bodegraven/Reeuwijk (the Netherlands), Petra passionately creates body sculptures of and on the body. With these sculptures, she shares her vision of the contemporary ideal of beauty and life. Her sculptures are wonderfully made from the heart for the connoisseur and enthusiast. Petra also creates personal artworks on request.




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Expo and Spotlight

Learn how to recognize Petra's work, find out where it is on display and how her exclusive works have already drawn attention.

Burgemeester Le Coultrestraat 3  •  2411 EP  •  Bodegraven-Reeuwijk
Tel: 0172 - 74 89 28  •  Email:

Burgemeester Le Coultrestraat 3
2411 EP
Tel: 0172 - 74 89 28

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