Petra Flach (1980) - Visual artist with an energetic, free spirit and blessed with lots of determination. 

For 15 years I have been artist and bon vivant on this beautiful path of life. Meeting people, connecting people, creating something that is made with love and passion, a sculpture that lasts and never ends. There are so many vibrant subjects in my head and unfortunately (for my dear loved ones) my brain works 24/7.

Art has no form, everything is art, you and I, together, the people around us and their connections, their pride, insecurities, desires and vulnerabilities. I feel an intrinsic motivation to discuss the sometimes unspoken things.

Creating a sculpture, my hands dirty, my head empty, my heart full of inspiration ... that is where I am most happy. Over the years I have followed social studies, travelled the world and have walked different art routes in life. From all these wisdoms I have been able to filter what is important to me ... following my heart. I prefer to work with techniques that challenge me. I always use classical sculpting techniques and a clear vision to complete my realistic sculptures.

Petra Flach Bodycasting


My own creations are always about awareness and physical acceptance. We live in a time when we are strict with ourselves. We are overloaded with media images of perfection. My sculptures are all about authenticity, capturing the body as it is, how fragile that may be. It is exactly that type of honesty that affects me. Sometimes I work from a theme, sometimes with a critical nod to the times in which we live, but always from the heart.

Artworks that I am commissioned to make often tell a special story (being unique) before / after a transformation (including breast cancer, transgender). The most beautiful artworks arise when I can create them with a free hand and an open mind. How emotional some stories may be, I always try to embrace them, integrate them and transform them into a work of art that inspires.

Petra Flach Bodycasting


Artistic freedom is such an incredible feeling, to create what I want, feel and see. Without rules and outlined structures, I am always embracing new possibilities and making new connections.

These last few years I have been able to build a wonderful company (Bodycasting Netherlands) with my husband. Together we work with our great team of specialists in a wonderful monumental building in The Netherlands (Bodegraven - Reeuwijk). This wonderful company stands firm and it gives everyone the opportunity to get acquainted with bodycasting and lifecasting. It feels great that I finally have time and space to work on my own artworks in my own workplace. I can finally create from my own heart without restrictions.

I hope to inspire you and who knows... one day we will meet each other:-)


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Please contact me if you are interested in my commission pieces, my limited editions or exclusive works.

If you have a special wish or a personal request, I would be happy to help you.

See you soon. Love, Petra

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Burgemeester Le Coultrestraat 3  •  2411 EP  •  Bodegraven-Reeuwijk  •  The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)172 - 74 89 28  •  Email:

Burgemeester Le Coultrestraat 3
2411 EP  •  Bodegraven-Reeuwijk
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)172 - 74 89 28

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