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Without boundaries, created from my heart and always using the best materials, I try to let my sculptures speak for themselves, they tell the story. Sensuality, strength and vulnerability are recurring themes in my artworks. They all tell a unique story and you can play the leading role all by yourself. For many years I have noticed how special this element is in all my commisioned pieces.

Do you know what you are looking for in a unique sculpture? It is my pleasure to tell you more about my artworks and the different art options I can create for you.

  • Work in Commission
  • Limited edition
  • Exclusive Work

It is up to you which option suits you best. I would like to help you on this page with more information about the different Art options.


You must have certain thoughts about a sculpture of yourself. It can certainly also evoke thoughts in you. I often hear "well, I don't have to be that vain" or "why would you do that?" .... Good question, why would you do that? Have you ever thought about it? We judge very quickly, but why are we so judgemental with each other and to ourselves? A sculpture of yourself can be a beautiful gift to yourself, a gift of strength and acceptance. A gift of joy and achievements...

Women and men come in all shapes and forms. They consider a personal sculpture for different reasons, they have their own thoughts and needs. Women who are in the prime of their lives and want to shape it. Men who want to immortalize their muscular body and hard work into a work of art, a sculpture. Women who are looking for a unique piece that expresses their sensuality and femininity. But I also meet men and women who are in transition, lose a breast due to breast cancer or other personal surgery. A personal sculpure is a journey. Do you dare to feel attractive and desired? Do you dare to immortalize your own body that has brought you so much happiness and/or sadness? 

What to Expect

A commissioned artwork is very special. Together we create a sculpture designed for and around you. During this process I always try to bring out the best in you. I would be happy to help you in this personal quest. It's a special process to search for your own beauty. My quote is "feel safe and feel free". It is precisely in that moment that the most beautiful version of you arises and that I can immortalize you in the best possible way.


Do you want to design your own sculpture with me? Please do not hesitate to contact me. Within a few hours we can start the process, from a basic design of your own sculpture to the creation of the first prototype. The creation starts with a bodymould. Step by step I will explain what to expect. You can't be in safer hands. 

Creation and Unveil

After the bodymould is made it usually takes me 2 to 3 months to create and finalize your art sculpture. After this process there will be a personal unveiling session in my gallery. It is also possible to choose for a worldwide shipping if that's what you desire.

If you want to commission a work of art, but do this with a model, it is important that we look together at what specific characteristics you are looking for in the model. I have a database of great models at my disposal.

Limited edition

I also create artworks in a limited edition. These are signed and dated reproductions of my artworks, created in limited series. 

The artworks from the limited series have been created with passion for connoisseurs, experts and enthusiasts. Each sculpture is created with different materials and with different techniques, but always with the same elegance and style. Artworks from the limited series are always authentic, are personally signed and come with a corresponding certificate. 

Let me know in the contact form below if you are interested in a limited piece or if you want me to keep you informed about my new work.

Exclusive Work

These "one of a kind" sculptures are always made with the best materials and are 100% authentic. Themes of strength, sensuality, desire, vulnerability and inner resignation are often a subject in my exclusive works. These exclusive works of art are unique, "one of a kind" works of art and are a worthy addition to any art collection.

Each work of art is a unique statement piece and is created with various techniques. Every sculpture always has the same elegance and style. An exclusive statue is authentic and comes with an accompanying certificate. They are personally signed and dated.

Let me know in the contact form below if you are interested in an exclusive artwork from my hand or if you want me to keep you informed about my new work.

What is your Reason?

• You have a unique idea that you want to implement.
• You want to capture a special moment, for example a pregnancy.
• You want to immortalize your intact body, e.g. for your mastectomy.
• You are looking for a work of art that fits your own interior or exterior.
• You want to surprise a special person.
• You want to make a statement.
• You want to have a unique sculpture made with a model (possibly from our database).
• You know that a statue of Petra Flach is a wonderful addition to your art collection.
• You are looking for a sculpture with its "own" graceful character.
• You are touched or in love by the appearance of the unique sculptures on this website.

Petra Flach Bodycasting

Photo impression

Contact form

Please contact me if you are interested in my commission pieces, my limited editions or exclusive works.

If you have a special wish or a personal request, I would be happy to help you.

See you soon. Love, Petra

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Burgemeester Le Coultrestraat 3
2411 EP  •  Bodegraven-Reeuwijk
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)172 - 74 89 28

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